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Have been removed from Admin on the website, love you all feel free to message me here on Enjin to get my Steam,, Much Love.
ArmA 2 OA Life server expected to be online approximately @ 6:30 pm EST.
I have been wondering about MMG alot lately. I have been talking about it everyday, no joke.
I am Badapple, but i changed my name into skisoman. I am a lot more mature and less squeakeriss.
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ArmA 2 OA Life Server

sportyha11 MANAGEMENTDevMMG posted Jan 11, 15
On Monday 1/12/15, our ArmA 2 OA Life Server will be going back online. We will be running the map Cicada. We are also currently working on a custom Life Mod be sure to check the website for updates!

Project Ghost

sportyha11 MANAGEMENTDevMMG posted Jan 3, 15
Project Ghost has been in development for about a month now, I think it is time to inform you of what a small part of it is. We have been working on a custom mod pack that will incorporate new features into a life server. We are also developing something to make it really easy to use and install. More information about Project Ghost will be posted soon. With this project we think that everyone will have a better time enjoying a Life RP mod without the hassle of worrying about the TCG server lock. Also this isn't just @TCG renamed and thrown up on a addonsync server. This is something custom and very different from the @TCG mod. Be sure to keep checking the website for updates!

~ Modern Mayhem Gaming Development Team
                     ~ Sportyha11

Election End

Jordan MANAGEMENT posted Dec 23, 14
In the end of the election, Lewi won.
Though I will say we didn't have that many people on to vote. Lol..
I still have my position as Assistant Chief.

A vote for police chief!

Jordan MANAGEMENT posted Dec 23, 14
Currently the old police chief has been removed due to inactivity.
We now have a Straw Poll up for myself and Lewi.
Please! Everyone take the time to make your vote!

Website update

sportyha11 MANAGEMENTDevMMG posted Dec 21, 14
Website updated as of 12/21/14. Here is the change log:

[ADD]: New theme
[ADD]: New navigation menu
[ADD]: Custom HTMl5 code, In preparation for website transfer
[ADD]: Custom code, In preparation on Project Ghost
[FIXED]: ShoutBox
[FIXED]: Forums page
[REMOVED]: Unused modules from the website
[REMOVED]: Broken Links
[REMOVED]: Broken Downloads

~ Modern Mayhem Gaming Development Team
             ~ Sportyha11
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