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Island Life server up!

sportyha11 DevMMG posted Wed at 17:02
Our ArmA 2 OA Life server has gone live! Hop on to have some fun! The full mission file change log will be posted in the forums. Hope to see everyone on!


- [Added] Base Emita mission file
- [Added] New police slots
- [Added] Police computer [WIP]
- [Added] New civilian menu
- [Added] Fire arson kit to Barley Legal
- [Added] Terrorist bomb car to the terror shop
- [Removed] 911 script (Will be re-added)

~ Modern Mayhem Gaming development team
                ~ Sportyha11

A Great Repost To Condor - Police Dept.

Jordan Staff Leader posted Mar 15, 14
This is something that our SGT's and other Super Admins saw. And I thought it was worth a repost for everyone to see.
So, a thanks to Condor.

"I see a lot of controversy regarding the rank structure of the police force, this is just my opinion on how i think the Police Department would benefit from this proposed chain of command since it will make things very clear and straight-forward.

Internal Affairs:
This position should be restricted to administration staff ONLY or carefully selected staff members that after further review, the administration staff is satisfied that such member holding the rank of "internal affairs" has complete and full knowledge of the server rules. The internal affairs officer investigates complaints filed against police officers by citizens then proceeds to interview complainant to identify officers being accused/involved to obtain facts concerning complaints. This position has the power to determine an officer's fate regardless of his/her rank or position within a law enforcement agency.

Chief of Police:
The person holding this title, has the final say about police official business within city limits. He is in charge of regulations and procedures based upon the needs of the City and the Police Department.

The person holding this title, is the individual in charge of the Sheriff's Office and has the final say about police official business outside city limits or unincorporated areas and is responsible for upholding the law in towns and rural areas.

Deputy Sheriff:
Deputy Sheriffs, usually trained and appointed by the Sheriff's Office, they serve as primary support for the sheriff's office by carrying out  law enforcement duties such as: serve and execute arrest warrants, locating and taking persons into custody and notifying city patrol units of violators in custody to be transported for booking. Deputies can also assist city police officials in the booking process of violators, investigate illegal or suspicious activities, serve as backup to city police officers. Deputies have the authority to make traffic stops in the city but are subject to the authorities of that jurisdiction.

Directs, coordinates and oversees all procedures, practices, and activities within the city police department and takes necessary steps to improve police operations and conducts regular inspections of personnel and equipment.

The members of this unit, will often act as lead officer in field situations when a sergeant is not present. They coordinate with various departments or agencies to perform regular investigations for all crimes, provide assistance to all police officers, use special equipment and a variety of vehicles such as but not limited to undercover vehicles to proactively investigate criminal street gang activities which include the apprehension of burglars, robbers and individuals wanted on active homicide cases.

Police/Patrol Officer:
Maintain peace in environment by maintaining a high visibility uniformed presence to deter illegal and inappropriate activities by patrolling, resolving disputes, arresting suspects, criminal investigation, executing warrants, enforcing traffic laws, providing assistance to law enforcement teams and facilitate arrest/transport of all violators. City police have the authority to make traffic stops outside the city.

S.W.A.T. officers or other specialized units such as members of the national guard or the U.N. were not included because those guys have their own way of doing things or rank structure setup in a way that they understand how their business work."
A.Smith I agree to this post

I'm here to stay.

Dan Dev posted Mar 9, 14
I know there has been a few rumors about myself resigning from my ownership position and leaving. Well, I'm here to say those are now false. I never meant the thought to go outside of the meeting but it has. I am not leaving as far as I know, I will continue to take ownership with Swine and Zach and continue development and administration with the MMG staff team.

On to other things, the map change. As many people have requested. MMG will be directing itself towards the map, Emita. Emita is a more city-like map with plenty to do. The transfer from Cicada to Emita will be a tough one but I know all of our MMG'ers are tough and I think will like the change. With a new map change, comes new things but also some things will need to be revoked. Information will be leaked more as we continue to the transfer of maps. Thank you for your patience and your Emita suggestions. 

If you have any questions of my return or the Emita transfer or development. Please contact a Super Admin or above! 

Thanks! -Dan
the swine flu MMG Dan I'm so happy to here this. I did not know what the future of the server would be like if you would have left. Thank ...
Today is the day!

As said in a previous mailed update, we will be hold training sessions TODAY.
The time(s) of the various training(s) aren't exactly "set in stone", because all of our training staff will be on at different times, if you are serious about getting trained in anything, from Patrol, to ESU, then please try to get in the TeamSpeak, even if it's just to sit and wait for your training, wouldn't want you to miss out on any of it!

For a long time, playing as a cop usually meant play whatever slot whenever, sadly that's just old, and too common, and usually ended in a lot of problems with cops blatantly messing around.
Starting as of now, there will be divisions for every part of the police department, there will be a Sergeant (SGT) in charge of that said division (PATROL will have 2 SGT's). And you will now have to be trained by THAT SGT. for the slot/department you would like to play as. PATROL will always be your first step, and after you have clearly proven yourself, you may sign up with a SGT to explore a new department after Patrol, you could take SWAT, Detective, or Sheriff Training.
Once you COMMIT to a department, that is the department you will work as. The ONLY way you can get out of a department is if your Sergeant allows it, and from there you may talk to the Sergeant of the said division you would like to be a part of.
You may also be DISMISSED by your Sergeant and placed back into Patrol Unit Status, BUT that decision will be made by your Sergeant as well as MYSELF before the final decision is made, you will be given time to make your case as well.

Standard Trainer List

Patrol: Dynasty
SWAT: TopShotz
ESU: DeMonicModz, A. Smith

Depending on when said Trainers are available, and in TeamSpeak, as well as the # Of Training Participants.

Such As: Detective, Sheriff, etc.

**This is also the perfect time to set up an application for any other position you might like to play as. (Coast Guard, PMC, National Guard, etc).

***IF you have any questions, ask ME (Jordan) at our TeamSpeak, NOT the Sergeants or Trainers UNLESS it's about GETTING training.
I would be glad to answer any questions you have about the changes to Cop and Training as well.

Uprising of MMG (the Fourth)

Jordan Staff Leader posted Feb 23, 14
And, we're back.

After a long time off being off and out of sight, myself, and many other old MMG staff are back again.
I know it's been a long time since we've been up but we're back, and bringing more content than ever.


WE are running Cicada

Our TeamSpeak is
  • If you have any problems with the install described below, feel free to hop on the TeamSpeak, and we'll help you the best we can.

**LATER: Here at MMG, we're proud to bring you Tavianna.

The steps to put the map in is easy and simple.


  1. Download the map:
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Take everything (PBO's and the keys) and place them IN your TCG folder.
  5. Filter MMG.
  6. And come play!

As said, if you have any problems, we're willing to help with the install.

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